Whether you’re in need of a skylight roof repair, a replacement, or a brand new installation, Summerflex is the skylight specialists for you with two offices in WA. Love a home full of natural light? If so, a skylight is just what you need. Skylights on the roof allow significantly more light to enter a room compared to a vertical window. This means that you can make the rooms in your home look bigger and brighter even with the exact same square footage!

Summerflex can help you plan a skylight installation. Our experienced specialists always make sure to take into consideration the sun’s path in relation to your home. Skylights on the south- or west-facing portion of the roof will collect direct sun, while skylights facing north or east may not get any direct sunlight. Skylights that receive direct sunlight will become a heat trap on hot days, so if you want to install a skylight facing to the south or the west, our specialists will give you some suggestions on ways to control heat gain. Some skylight manufacturers sell remote-controlled shades or Venetian blinds for their skylights. Such an option would be one way to keep your home cool and comfortable, even when the sun’s rays are shining in. Another heat control option you could take into consideration is a ventilating skylight that can be opened.

Our professionals can also help you create a light shaft if you want to install a skylight in a room that has an attic above it or skylight repair.